Territorial Water System
Upper Colorado Basin
Lower Colorado Basin – Hoover Dam
Lower Colorado Basin – Davis Dam
Lower Colorado Basin – Parker Dam
Expansive Implications of Water Shortage

Tracing the Colorado – American Southwest

While the drought impacts regions of along the Colorado River differently, a strong indication of the impacts can be read by studying water levels of the major reservoirs along the river. By looking at the 6 major reservoirs, Shadow Mountain Lake, Lake Granby, Lake Powell, Lake Mead, Lake Mohave, and Lake Havasu along with their dams, we can explore the expansive effects that the drought has at a scale beyond that of the Colorado River. Lake Mead, whose current water level is at approximately 40% of its capacity, supplies water to major cities including Las Vegas and Los Angeles and if the current drought continues, it could result in water shortages and water rations for different regions. While the water levels of Lake Mead are the most highly publicized, each of the 6 dams specified have their own specific role in the American Southwest that are threatened by the rapidly decreasing availability of water. Our intent is to demonstrate that the drought implications on the Colorado River span beyond the localized watershed of the Colorado River.

Contribution & Collaboration
Tyler Mohr, MLA 2016