View of Lido Pools & Public Park
Concept Plan & Diagrams
View of Lido Entrance & Hockey Stadium Plaza
Illustrative Site Plan & Phasing Diagrams
Illustrative Site Sections of Lido Park & New Roof Structure

Lido – Rapperswil

Like a zipper, the southern area of Rapperswil is consolidated right by the Lakers Hockey Stadium. A polygon-shaped building developed as a modular structure generates an active interface and integrates the current leisure and cultural facilities under a single roof. With this reorganization the structures distributed around the stadium can be removed. As a result, an open public square in front of the stadium, which is considered to be the new address of the leisure facility, is being established. Also, the backside of the Lido and the strongly frequented axes to the lake are opened to the public and thereby allow better access to the water. A new sand beach replaces the old harbor walls, activating part of the riverfront. In addition, a bird’s island provides more contact with nature.  Ultimately, the proposed solution offers the opportunity of a high-quality leisure center where humans and nature come together. This sustainable development of the Rapperswil Lake Shore can be implemented in stages.

Contribution & Collaboration
with Hager Partner AG, Zürich

Commissioned by
Municipality of Rapperswil, Marcel Gämperlin

Project Data
Design Competition 2012 | 1. Price

Project Team
Meletta Strebel Architects
Staubli & Kurath Civil Engineers