View to Open Lawn Beneath High Tree Canopy
Illustrative Concept Plan & Site Sections
Concept Diagrams & Illustrative Site Section
View of New Park Pavilion & High Tree Canopy
Illustrative Site Plan (Openness & Enclosure)
Illustrative Site Section & Facade Detail

Landhof Areal – Basel

The former Farmyard (Landhof) in Basel tells a comprehensive story of Swiss urban development. Today, buildings from the 1950s and 1960s spatially define the Landhof. The only remaining element within the courtyard is a large open space that used to be homestead for Basel’s football club. Yet, the cultural connection and the past emotions remain. The design proposal is comprised of two spatially contrasting ambiances. The floral dramatization of the two opposite green spaces visually enlarges the open space. The former football field is still used as a large playground. White chalk lines urge to play or rest. An Oak Grove (Carpinion) with a high set canopy defines the outer zone. By adding gardens to the overgrown gallery, the stepped boundary is reactivated. The more enclosed and intimate area offers a great variety of infrastructure and natural features. This area is intended to be designed, developed and established by participatory processes of local residents. The integration process establishes high engagement and integration of the new neighborhood park within the local population. A new Pavilion at the intersection of openness and enclosure ties the two different spaces together and activates both of them. The building is accessible from all sides and sets an emphasis into the park. Time, nature, and utilization are three very important factors in the park’s future development.

Contribution & Collaboration
with Hager Partner AG, Zürich

Commissioned by
City of Basel

Project Data
Design Competition 2013

Project Team
Meletta Strebel Architects
Barbara Emmenegger, Sociologist