Mexico City’s Vast Urban Growth
Waste & Wasted Food as Main Conceptual Consideration
Redesigned Food & Waste Circulation
Prototypes of Urban Spaces for La Merced
La Merced Marke, a Green Connection between East & West
Concept Diagram of La Merced Market
Illustrative Plan of La Merced Market
Topographic & Spatial Studies
Net Producer of Water & Energy
Court Yard Typology
Market Entrance & Building Landscape

Agora Recycled – Mexico City

shifting paradigm: from horizontal distribution to an elevated network of energetic cycles

The project proposes to implement a multi-layered, terraced landscape in the La Merced district. This new urban typology weaves into the existing fabric of Mexico City’s old town. As a place of production and social exchange it integrates the commercial activities of the market. The elevated layers and terraces are able to unravel the highly congested uses that happen today solely on the ground level. New programs are introduced that involve both the members of today’s La Merced Mercado and the residents of the neighborhood. The monofunctional market is turned into a multifaceted, vibrant urban microcosm. The porous and multi-layered structure offers opportunities to activate new cycles of production and consumption, and stimulates recycling, reuse, and collaboration. The introduced topography also serves as public space for recreation. The place becomes part of the broader urban network and connects the revitalized old town around the Zocalo plaza in the west with the neglected neighborhoods in the east of the city. The hybrid landscape-building acts as a landmark in the dense urban fabric that creates bewilderment and attracts visitors. The novel ecosystem raises awareness and shifts traditional paradigms and habits to a more sustainable way of processing food and the handling of waste.

Contribution & Collaboration
Hannes Zander, MLA 2015