Thomas Nideroest is a Swiss Landscape Architect and Researcher. His stewardship in landscape design promotes interdisciplinary thinking across different scales, addressing urban design issues at the intersection of the territory and the built environment. Thomas’ focus on landscape-based planning strategies shape social and ecological processes into multifunctional urban spaces. His approach promotes landscape as a medium and a method to study social-, political-, economic- and ecological processes beyond its disciplinary boundaries.

He worked on award-winning projects at the offices of Sasaki Associates (current employer), Guido Hager Partner AG, Surfacedesign Inc. and Peter Walker Landscape Architecture. This includes the work on urban- and coastal waterfronts, river preservation and revitalization projects and the development of landscape frameworks for urban design projects. In addition, Thomas led several national and international design competitions, where his focus lays on enabling and enhancing socio-ecological processes. He received his BSc in Landscape Architecture from the University of Applied Sciences at Rapperswil and his MLA from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, where he was awarded with the prestigious Charles Eliot Traveling Fellowship 2016.

Thomas applies his strong interest in urban hydrology, water infrastructures and (waste/ storm) water management by conducting design research. Under the Harvard based Charles Eliot Fellowship, he studies the effects of drought in arid regions around the world. The project documents the territorial water systems of: Beijing, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, Singapore and Southeastern Anatolia, and reveals socio-economic and socio-ecological effects of megaprojects. Ultimately, this work reveals a global perspective on water shortages and provides insight to local action. This work was presented at the University of Hong Kong, the University of Cape Town and at the first conference of the International Landscape Collaborative (ILC) in Santiago, Chile.